Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sony NEX E-mount Lens Adapters on Amazon

amazon sony nex mount lens adapter

Sony NEX E-mount to Telescope Adapter

L.A.G. sent us an email informing us an easier way to get Sony NEX E-mount lens adapters. The adapters are now available on Amazon. The available adapters are for the following lens mounts:
  • Bolex 16mm
  • C-mount
  • Canon EOS
  • Canon FD
  • Contax / Yashica
  • Leica M
  • Leica R
  • Leica Screw Mount / LTM
  • M42
  • Minolta SR
  • Minolta A / Sony Alpha
  • Nikon F
  • Nikon G
  • Olympus Zuiko
  • Pen F
  • Pentax DA
  • Pentax K
  • Praktica PB
  • Rollei QBM
  • T-Mount
That's a pretty good list of adapters from Amazon without waiting for shipment from China.

amazon sony nex mount lens adapter

amazon sony nex mount lens adapter

Thanks L.A.G.


  1. I jumped the gun and ran out and got the Fotodiox adapter for Nikon to NEX5 without really reading up on this stuff. The adapter doesn't have an aperture control ring and all of my Nikon lenses are G lenses, meaning they don't have aperture control on the lens and when off the camera they immediately stop down to the lowest aperture. So this works, kind of, as long as I can shoot everything at F/16. Anyone know of some way to force the Nikon lens to the widest aperture? Or do I just put this adapter on eBay and get the Rainbow Imaging one, which has an aperture control ring on it? Thanks

  2. Spike,
    Look at the site for LensBaby because they show how twisting that lens (if I remember the model names correctly) on its mount opens the aperture leaves as you move the lens. Now of course you have to guess what the setting has become! Perhaps your adapter will behave the same way. I have been looking at the Fotodiox materials, too.

    Hawaii. USA